Hanuman Ringside Training Area & Ring:


This section feautures a 20 feet boxing ring with a stage that gives our members a real fight type experience where they are welcome to try out sparing sessions with fellow students or trainers of their choice during their class. This section also is fully equipped with 13 heavy bags & 2 tear drop bags from Windy Thailand. The training techniques are more advanced & skillfull in the Hanuman Ringside section while 1 on 1 pad training is the main training technique rather than training on heavy bags. To summarize Hanuman Ringside the training time & ratio is 3 students to 1 trainer.

Hanuman Thai Boxing Section:


This section features a 18 feet floor ring. This section is designed for beginners as well as members who have incorporated Thai Boxing to their fitness regime. Regulars as well as fighters who wish to compete weather in our in-house, inter-club or higher level competitions use this fully equipped section of our club. To summarize Hanuman Thai Boxing section the time & ratio is 6 students to 1 trainer.



Big & Spacious Shower & Changing Rooms:


Both our ladies & mens shower and changing rooms are super deluxely spacious. Equipped with an over head rain shower, handle shower and body jets shower it is indeed the best feel after a hard and itense workout. A 6 seater Sauna rooms has also been planned to be installed in the near future.

Gym Equipment & Facilities: