Hanuman Thai Boxing & Fitness Centre was established in 2010. We are a Muay Thai training gym located in Hung Hom with 7,500 square feet of space and state-of-the-art equipment for fitness. We are the biggest Muay Thai gym up-to-date in Hong Kong. Our certified Thai trainers are former and current professional fighters and amazing instructors of the art. We focus on helping our members to achieve their fitness goals, to be generally fit as well as keeping their training and workout fun and efficient.





Muay Thai is fun and a great way to get or stay in shape. It is for everyboby, including women, men, kids, white-collar workers, businessmen, amateurs & also pro fighters. Our trainers will train you according to your level of fitness and experience in Muay Thai from your very first lesson and gradually take you to the ring for a sparring session or an in-house fight.




We provide ranges of training such as Muay Thai Boxing Training, Muay Boran Training (aka Ring Side Training) and Super Slim Fitness Class. Our members can request for a 1 on 1 personal training. There are clean toilets, changing rooms and showers in our centre. We also provide exercise mats, stability balls and space for exercise for our members.


“Discover your true potential of fitness. Lets get a trial of the marvelous experience at Hanuman”




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Address: 13/F Unit A, Kaiser Estate, Phase 1,41 Man Yue St., Hung Hom, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2362 3665 / 3743 5484

Whatsapp: +852 6972 2084


Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 12nn to 10pm
Sat 10am-7pm




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