Hanuman Thai Boxing & Fitness Centre





1.  What exactly is Muay Thai Kick Boxing?

Muay Thai is a very effective form of self defense and fitness. Over 1,000 years ago, Thai soldiers developed it as a form of self defense on the battlefield if they found themselves weaponless. The term Muay Thai means ‘art or science of eight limbs,’ because two points on each limb are used to make contact (i.e. Fists, elbows, knees and feet).


Muay Thai uses boxing, kicking, knee and elbow strikes. Kicks to the thighs are a central part of Muay Thai, thus the term ‘Thai kickboxing’. Practitioners will become very fit, as the training is rigorous. It can also be used for those looking for self defense cross training.


Training includes shadow-boxing, pad work, and serious bag work. The instructor wears the pads on their forearms to receive the student’s punches, kicks, as well as knee and elbow strikes.



2. What should I bring for my first Thai Boxing lesson?


You need to bring in a towel, shorts & a sports top. Gloves are offered for public use but members can purchase their very own Thai boxing shorts, gloves & protection gear as well. We guarantee our prices for equipment are the lowest you can find in Hong Kong & on par with wholesalers in Thailand also.



3. Why should I join Thai boxing classes rather than the gym?


Thai boxing works on your mind and body in many different ways. It helps you get a complete body workout both cardio and toning. It works wonders on the mind in terms of confidence & well being. Also importantly, it is done in high spirits alongside professional trainers & fellow members so it creates a fun workout atmosphere.



4. I am a female. Can I still take up Thai boxing?


Sure! Most of our customers are female as the women today are more careful about their health according to various studies.



5. I’m over 40 and I haven’t exercised in a long time. Is that a problem?

No, certainly not! We simply modify the exercises to suit your ability and fitness level. Then we progress slowly to reach your full potential but at a slower and easier pace. If you’ve got no experience in martial arts, then that’s great! We can start from scratch, and you’ll be working the boxing bags in no time! A lot of our current clients are over 40, and they love it the sport!


6. What facilities do you have?


We have boxing equipment from well known & famous brands in the Thai boxing & MMA scene. They include Tapout, Twins & Windy along with Everlast rings. The Everlast brand is very famous since the times of the character Rocky Balboa showcased in Hollywood.



7. What language will your trainers instruct in?


Our trainers are proficient in speaking English, Cantonese, Thai & Japanese. All these languages have been used at the club to instruct, but the main languages are Cantonese & English.



8. What is the difference between your normal and ringside training?


Our normal side is more for people looking to concentrate more on the fitness aspect of Muay Thai & our ringside area is for customers who wish to become better at their skills within the ring, ultimately looking to enter our in-house or interclub competitions.

9. Have any booking & cancellation policy of the schedules?

Yes. Here are booking & cancellation policy of the class schedules:
1)      Advance booking must be made.
2)      Cancellation must be done 1 day in advance. No reasons for late cancellation will be accepted.
3)      All lessons must be completed within the validity offered. If members continue their membership monthly,
left over lessons will be carried forward.
4)      Our friend refferal programme offers 1 free lesson in addition for every member introduced.